How do you make a model of an animal cell?


To make a model of an animal cell you will first have to find a picture of an animal cell. After finding one, sketch the model and label possible animal cell parts to build then decide on the size model you're going to make. Gather possible materials for the animal cell parts that you'll include on the model and finally begin building your model.
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1. Cover the work area with two layers of newsprint. Acrylic paint is difficult to clean up once it is dry. It only takes five to ten minutes to dry completely. 2. Cut a large oval
1 Cut out a base. Draw the animal cell outline on a piece of cardboard and cut it out. 2 Scrunch up pieces of newspaper to make small, individual newspaper balls. 3 Tape or glue the
i had to do that last year.i totally know how you feel. though i might be late in telling you, here's what my science teacher recommended for us: animal cell-i had to make this one)
1. Draw a 1/8-inch circle on the plastic bag to represent the semi-permeable channels in the cell membrane. Place the plastic bag inside the plastic container. This represents the
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How to Make a Model of an Animal Cell
Whether your child needs a science project for school or you just want to teach your kids about biology, building an animal cell model is an educational activity that will serve both purposes. With just a few materials that can be gathered from around... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
To make a model of an animal cell you will need a large bowl, craft paint, cardboard, yarn, scissors, paintbrushes, glue, glue gun, M & M's, toothpicks, black beads, noodles and Altoids. You can find more information here:
Animal cell model can be made by using a method that requires cardboard, glue, ruler, box cutter, knife, scissor, detailed animal cell diagram, paper towel, modelling clay and some others. For more information look here: You may find step byu step method of making animal cell model in this article:;
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