How to Make a Model of the Colosseum?


To make a model of the Colosseum, you need to pick up some craft glue, beige paint and a few styrofoam cake dummies for starters. The Colosseum was circular in shape so that everyone could see what was happening. Usually what was happening is gladiators were made to fight other gladiators or animals for entertainment. For further instructions please refer to the link below.
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1. Place a 12-inch square of cardboard onto a flat surface. 2. Press a ring of modeling wax in a 8 inch circle in the center of the square. Make the circle about 1-inch tall. 3. Cut
First one needs a Colosseum-shaped tube pan. The perfect white Colosseum a low yeast bread recipe is best. The designer of the product suggests a recipe for mocha sponge cake.
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1. Cut each of the Styrofoam spheres in half. Discard one half each of the 6-inch and 1-inch wide spheres. Place each of the remaining sphere halves flat-side down on your work surface
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You want to know how to make a model of the Colosseum, for a school project or an old fashioned hobby; you have to consider making it the easy way or the hard way. I will assume you are like most others and you want to take the easy way. The most convenient way to make your own Colosseum is to piece it together like a puzzle. The project can be purchased for as little as $21 USD for paper models, and $45 USD for wooden ones. For more information look here: Paper Model; Wooden Model
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