How do you make a model of the Earth's layers?


Which part of the Earth is the mantle? How deep is the crust? A fun way to learn about the layers of the Earth is to make a hands-on model. There are a variety of materials available that you can use including food, clay, paper, sand or a combination of things. 1) Paper Model: Try building a model of the Earth using a papier-mâchè form. Each layer can be represented by a different color of paper or you could make it even more exciting with different textures. Use a different material for each layer; try glitter, microbeads or confetti. 2) Sand Model: Use different colors of sand to represent each layer of the Earth. You can also use varying sizes of sand and rocks for textural differentiation. Your model Earth can be three dimensional, with sand suspended in a globular container or two dimensional, with sand glued to a poster board. 3) Clay Model: Model clay is a great medium for creating a model of the Earth. Use different colors for each section, creating larger ball that encases the smaller one as you add each layer. When you've added all of your colors, cut a slice out of the globe to revel the layers. After the clay hardens, you can label each layer with a permanent pen. 4) Food Model: Saving the tastiest for last? Use different types of food to represent each layer suspended in a glass: pudding, jello, cracker crumbs, nuts, etc. You can also bake a cookie or cupcake model, with each of the Earth's layers distinguished by different colors of food dye.
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