How to Make a Model Tornado?


A great way to teach children about the complex weather systems called tornados is to build a model of one in a bottle. Other than the plastic bottle, you will need liquid soap and salt. How to Make a Model Tornado
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How to Build a Model Tornado
Tornadoes are violent and powerful rotating columns of air that form under certain conditions, usually during the spring and summer months. Typically, tornadoes form during thunderstorms, but occasionally they form during hurricanes and tropical storms.... More »
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Traditionally, one can make a model of a Tornado using water to demonstrate the spiral. Take two empty 2-liter bottles and fill one with water, and add food coloring if you so desire. Next affix the empty bottle to the full bottle so that both openings touch and the water can flow between the two bottles. Make sure to have the seal water tight. The device works much like an hourglass, except the water will spiral.
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1. Remove any labels from the plastic bottles. Clear 2-liter bottles of the same size work best. 2. Fill one bottle 3/4 full of plain water. 3. Add a few drops of food coloring to
you should out of wire and cotton.
You will have an alternative which i have both made and scored well in my science classes. water vortex. materials you will need: two 1L coke/ fizzy drink bottles. dye to stain the
The original Toronado began as a design painting by Oldsmobile stylist David
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Clay is the best material to use when making a model tornado. You can mold the clay into the proper shape by using a photo as an visual example. Website with ...
I made a tornado model way back in school using two, clear, three liter soda bottles. You'll need some waterproof tape to attach the two bottles together. Fill ...
It is easy to make a clay model of a tornado. Begin by making a wooden base with a hole in the center. The base should be at least as wide as the top of the tornado ...
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