How do you make a mousetrap ping pong ball launcher?


You can create a ping pong ball launcher out of a mouse trap. It can be modified to catapult a ping pong ball because of its spring. Remove the trigger arm and the trigger mechanism from the base of the mouse trap. Tape a spoon to the square arm and make sure its sturdy. Launch a ping pong ball by pulling back the spoon and arm.
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1. Secure the mousetrap to a flat surface with duct tape so that it doesn't flip when you work on it. 2. Unscrew the holding bar and remove it. This can be identified by the hook
A mousetrap snaps down when the trigger is touched. You could remove the bottom (very carefully) and modify the caching part into s ball holder. Then touching the trigger would fire
A great source of idea for making ping pong ball launchers is Make Magazine ( Browse or search their archives and I'm sure you'll come up with some things.
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