How to Make a Mummy Coffin?


All you need for this some thin plywood and screws and some latches for the top. These are great for halloween. You can also make a thick one that you can get into. Step by step instructions for a mummy coffin.
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In order for you to make a mummy coffin, you will need to have some kind of cardboard or construction paper, as well as paint, pencils, etc. For more information look here:;
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1. Look at a minimum of 10 different pictures of Egyptian sarcophagi. Locate the pictures in textbooks, books on Egyptian mummies or the Internet. Choose one or two mummy coffins
In their preperation for re-birth after death, particularly later in New Kingdom, the wealthy ancient Egyptians might prepare themselves by purchasing a sarcophagus.
Sarcophagus is another name for a coffin of a mummy. Other synonyms:
A sarcophagus is a funeral receptacle for a corpse, most commonly carved or cut from stone. The Egyptians called it the neb ankh (possessor of life)
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A sarcophagus is the name of a mummy's coffin. The ancient Egyptians decorated it to resemble what the mummy looked like. A mummy is a preserved body of the deceased ...
Shabti figures were developed from the servant figures common in tombs. These figures were shown as mummified like the deceased, even with their own coffin. They ...
An Egyptian sarcophagus looks like an external layer of protection for a royal mummy, with a number of layers of coffins nested within it. It was extremely decorated ...
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