How do you make a nativity stable?


The process of making a nativity stable depends very much on whether you want to make a model or a life-size replica. To make a model you could make the stable from cardboard or wood and the figures are easily found in shops, either individually or in sets. For a full-size nativity stable, instructions including a list of all the necessary materials and photos of each step of the process can be found at
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Things You'll Need. 8-inch x 11-inch sheet of brown construction paper. Pencil. Straight edge. Scissors. Masking tape. 12-inch string off hay-colored paper twist. Multipurpose glue.
1 Find the horses you want. It does not have to be all of them. Let's say you have 13. You can pick all of them, half of them, a quarter of them, etc. Ad 2 After you pick the horses
1. Lay a plain, large paper bag down flat on a smooth surface. Arrange the bag so the bottom flap is at the top and facing toward you. 2. Draw a "U" shape onto the flap
1 Clear some space in a room Ad 2 Get Lego's (optional, you can use what you'd like) and build some walls for the stables. 3 Get all the littlest pet shop horse items you have. 4
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How to Build a Nativity Stable
The Nativity set is a classic Christmas decoration that portrays the scene of Jesus’ birth. There are many different types of Nativity sets, some including more characters than others. The main characters are baby Jesus, Mary his mother, and Joseph... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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