How do you make a nativity stable?


The process of making a nativity stable depends very much on whether you want to make a model or a life-size replica. To make a model you could make the stable from cardboard or wood and the figures are easily found in shops, either individually or in sets. For a full-size nativity stable, instructions including a list of all the necessary materials and photos of each step of the process can be found at
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Building a nativity stable is really quite easy. Just make sure you assemble all your materials. Then just add some figurines to complete the project. For more information look here
1. Draw a square on an 8x11-inch sheet of brown construction paper. The square should be drawn using a pencil and a straight edge. The square should be 6-inches by 6-inches. 2. Draw
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How to Build a Nativity Stable
The Nativity set is a classic Christmas decoration that portrays the scene of Jesus’ birth. There are many different types of Nativity sets, some including more characters than others. The main characters are baby Jesus, Mary his mother, and Joseph... More »
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You can find outdoor nativity plans online at ...
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