How to Make a Nightwing Costume?


In order to make a Nightwing costume, one will need several materials, including black felt paper, caulk, Nightwing picture, and scissors. The first step in making this costume is to draw the outline of the character on the felt. Next, cut the outline out using scissors.
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1. Draw an outline of the mask on the black felt paper with your white chalk. Refer to your Nightwing picture to draw it correctly. 2. Cut out the mask with your scissors, carefully
1. Cut a Round Cape out of Black Fabric. 2. Design Nightwing's Emblem out of the Robin's Egg Blue Linen Fabric. Cut them out carefully. 3. Sew the Emblem throughout the Front &
It's supposed to be a bat type thing because of batman. Look at the comics.
To make a nightwing costume, draw an outline of the mask on black felt paper with
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How to Make a Nightwing Costume
At conventions such as the San Diego and New York Comic Cons, some fans dress up as their favorite comic book heroes and villains. While some fans purchase ready-made costumes, others opt to make their own and sometimes, depending on their skill, more... More »
Difficulty: Moderate
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