How to Make a Ouji Board?


To make an Ouija board, write the alphabet on an 11-inch by 17-inch rectangle cardboard box in large ½ inch letters with 13 letters per row. Write the numbers 1 through 9 with a 0 after the 9 under the alphabet with Goodbye under the numbers and the words yes and no at the top of the board. At the centre of the board, place a clear drinking glass upside down.
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How to Make a Ouji Board
A Ouija board is typically used to attempt communication with the spirit world. It is a small board that has the alphabet, numbers and a few words printed on it. The spirits communicate by moving an object around the board and pointing at these letters... More »
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An ouija board is a registered trademark of Hasbro Inc. It is a board with letters and numbers on it that uses a planchette to spell out the spirits message to earthlings. It is believed to contain supernatural powers of communication.
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1. Cut an 11-inch by 17-inch rectangle from the side of a cardboard box. Choose a smooth piece with no ridges or folds. 2. Write the alphabet onto the board in large letters, a 1/
It's quite dangerous. It's kind of like something to do with spirits communicating with you. Izzy1407 :P. A ouija board is a game in which messages are supposedly communicated by
The Ouija board is just a piece of compressed wood, sold at virtually all toy stores
I know you're gonna do your own thing anyway, but if someone does give you directions to make it, don't make it. You can accidentally open a portal and let bad demons into your life
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Ouji boards are illegal in some countries and in others, it is not such a threat as they do not see it as a spirit game. ...
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