How to Make a Pamphlet Using Microsoft Word?


If you want to make a pamphlet using Microsoft Word, it is best to begin with a blank page. If you begin with a blank page, you are able to add the graphics and text in the locations that you desire. Make sure to change the page set-up settings to margins so that the placement of your document is set.
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Microsoft software really makes it easy for you to make a pamphlet. When you open the Microsoft word program click the new tab and sevral options for templates will pop up make a
1. Load any images that you want to use in your pamphlet onto your computer by copying them from a camera or other digital media or by scanning print versions. 2. Decide on the content
Simple you just use the columns and make sure they are on the right side. There is a template for a pamphlet that you can open. Then you just change the heading and put in your own
I'm assuming you're using Word 2007 (you didn't specify). Source(s):…
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How to Make a Pamphlet Using Microsoft Word 2007
Pamphlets are often used to relate facts about a program or service to potential clients, or to inform the public about an important civic issue that they need to consider. As such, they act as an important part of an overall advertising or public... More »
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You can make a pamphlet, using the program, Microsoft Word, by selecting the pamphlet formatting option, in the setup menu. This option will take your information and put it into a pamphlet format.
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