How to Make a Paper Crown?


To make a paper crown you will need scissors, construction paper and tape. The first thing you will do is through half of the paper cut a zig-zag line to form the tips of the crown. Once you have cut the crown, fit it around your head. Cut off any extra material. Tape the crown joining the two edges so it sits on top of your head.
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1. Use the measuring tape to measure your daughter's head. This is necessary so that you know how big or small to make the crown. 2. Cut a piece of construction paper 2 inches longer
1. Cut a section of crepe paper that is about 20" (50 cm) long. Ad. 2. Fold it lengthwise (so that it is still 20" (50cm) long, but now only about an inch (2. 5 cm) wide
Its not a paper crown! Thats a party hat which worth 100billion plus.
On christmas day everyone is a king even the teenagers (or older folks) who think the paper hats are un-cool, the hats are a leveller and anti stuffiness measure. Enjoy! Embed Quote
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