How to Make a Paper Duck?


To make a paper, or origami duck you will need a square of paper approximately 6 inch x 6 inch in size. The first thing to do is fold the paper in half diagonally. Make a sharp crease in the fold and then unfold again.
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1. Fold the paper plate in half and staple the bottom edges closed. This will form a semi circle shaped paper plate that will be the body of your duck. 2. Color the entire paper plate
Both look like a duck!
I don't know what did the duck say to the paper towel? ChaCha more jokes!… (and you might want to poke around for other blocks on the site -- these are applique, but could be turned into paper piecing)
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The easiest way to create a paper bag puppet duck is to use an online duck face template. Online templates often provide a handful of different ideas and designs ...
To make an origami duck you simply need some paper. You can use construction paper if you like it better. The origami duck is made by folding your paper in different ...
To create a duck beak, take a square sheet of paper and fold the bottom left corner to the right side to form a diagonal fold. Fold the paper again to form a new ...
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