How to Make a Paper Duck?


To make a paper, or origami duck you will need a square of paper approximately 6 inch x 6 inch in size. The first thing to do is fold the paper in half diagonally. Make a sharp crease in the fold and then unfold again.
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1. Fold the paper plate in half and staple the bottom edges closed. This will form a semi circle shaped paper plate that will be the body of your duck. 2. Color the entire paper plate
Both look like a duck!
I don't know what did the duck say to the paper towel? ChaCha more jokes!… (and you might want to poke around for other blocks on the site -- these are applique, but could be turned into paper piecing)
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To create a duck beak, take a square sheet of paper and fold the bottom left corner to the right side to form a diagonal fold. Fold the paper again to form a new ...
1. Draw a large, tilted egg-shaped oval in the center of your paper to create the structure of the body. Draw a circle above and to the left-hand side of the oval ...
1. Draw a 1 1/2-by-2-inch rectangle on a piece of paper so a short side is on a horizontal axis. 2. Draw a 1 3/4-inch circle above the rectangle with the bottom ...
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