How to Make a Paper Mache Bird?


To make a paper mache bird, you will first need to make your initial bird shape. You can use an inflated balloon, or you can make one using wire or even wadded strips of dry paper. Once you have your initial base shape, begin covering with strips of the paper that have been dipped into the batter, scraping off the excess batter. Smooth with your fingers as you go, pinching out the little details like the beak and even feather ridges. When you have your completed shape, allow to dry and then you may paint with poster paint.
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1. Choose a design for the bird and sketch it out on a piece of paper. This will help you visualize the finished project and save time as you build the model. 2. Build the armature
My daughter did a science project on the layers of the earth last year. She used paper mache and created a replica of the earth. She made the paper mache by mixing water and flour
I am not sure but i THINK YOU need ballons and a long beak
1. Cut the spout off the water bottle. 2. Flip the cardboard box over and tape the bottle down to it with at least four strips of tape. 3. Form enough loose balls from the newspaper
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When making a paper mache bird you will need two balloons, toilet paper rolls, gift wrap rolls and or paper towel rolls, tape, and newspaper.
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