How to Make a Paper Mache Dragon Head?


To make a paper mache dragon head, you can begin by molding a frame from chicken wire. You will then cover the frame with paper mache and paint the head.
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It's depending on the size really, I'm answering from a large scale. I think what I would do is make a basic shape from mesh and stuff it with news paper and secure it with ties.
1. Inflate a small balloon and tie the end. 2. Combine approximately two parts water and one part flour in a small bowl and mix thoroughly to create the paper mache paste. 3. Tear
Start out with a balloon. Inflate it to the size and shape that you want it.
Build an "armeture" or the structure that holds the shape and supports it as well, of the sculpture. It can be made out of anything you have on hand. Just be sure it looks
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You can use a paper mache dragon for projects at school. Before you can make a dragon out of paper mache you will need the proper supplies such as newspaper, water ...
First, you need a model of a dragon. Place the strips of newspaper around the model, completely covering it. Once the paper has dried, remove the model and paint ...
1. Find a model for your masterpiece. Shape your wire into the form of a penguin. Shape the head, wings and body separately. Shape the head like a ball, using ...
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