How to Make a Paper Mache Mountain?


First you will need to make a mountain shape, which you can do with a circle of poster board. Cut one slit into the poster board circle that goes to the center of the circle. Roll up like a cone and secure with tape in several places. Cut the tip of the cone so that your mountain is not pointy. Now, you will need to make the paper mache. Add a couple of cups of flour to a large bowl or pot. Add enough water to make a batter about as thick as pancake batter, stirring so that there are no lumps. Make some strips from newspaper - lots of hem. Dip the newspaper into the flour/water mixture, scrape the excess off, and start wrapping around the cone. Do several layers that cover the entire cone, and let dry overnight. If needed, you can add several more layers after the first have dried. When you are done with the paper mache, and it is completely dried, you can paint with poster paints, add little twigs, pebbles, or mini-grasses and leaves from outside to embellish.
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1. Crumble a sheet of newspaper into a tight ball. Add additional sheets of newspaper around the ball to make it approximately the size you want for one hill. Secure the ball by loosely
There are many ways and ideas to do this project, the foundation can be formed by using chicken wire, or forming wire (craft stores, several types) for the mountain its self, many
There are different ways to make paper mache paste. The non cooked way is to mix 1 part flour to 2 parts watre. If you would like to cook the paper mache you will need to mix 1 part
1. Cut the spout off the water bottle. 2. Flip the cardboard box over and tape the bottle down to it with at least four strips of tape. 3. Form enough loose balls from the newspaper
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How to Make a Mountain Out of Paper Mache
Models can be expensive, especially if you are looking for a large-scale element such as a mountain. If you are a hobbyist or student who needs a mountain for your model, you can save a lot of money by making a mountain yourself. All you need to make a... More »
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First, make a model of the mountain by using wire or cardboard. Wet the strips of paper in the glue mixture and apply it to the model. Once it dries, remove the model and paint the molded paper to resemble a mountain.
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