How do you make a pendulum?


To make a pendulum you will need your favorite crystal, some jeweler's wire, a 9 to 12 inch lightweight chain and a bowl or salt, soil or water. You can find more information here:
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1. Spend some time looking at different pendulums. You may find you are drawn to the object that is used for the 'bob' of the pendulum, or the color or shape of the pendulum as a
1. Collect your materials. This pendulum experiment is easy to do at home. All the materials should be readily available. For the purposes of this article you'll only be doing one
Games are easy to make. First you will want to start with a goal, meaning the object of winning, then set some rules that must be followed to reach the goal.
1. Remove the glass dome from the top of the Kundo clock. 2. Lift the pendulum up into the lock position so it won’t move while you adjust the clock. 3. Place the key into the
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How to Make Your Own Pendulum
Pendulums are useful tools that can help a clairvoyant or psychic medium in their readings. Using a pendulum can be particularly useful when the psychic reading seems unclear or diluted, and the message does not seem definitive. To use a pendulum, you... More »
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A pendulum clock is a clock that was invented in 1656 by Christiaan Huygens that uses a pendulum (a swinging weight), as its timekeeping element. The clock is ...
A conical pendulum is similar to an ordinary pendulum and its weight is often fixed on one end of a string then it's suspended from a pivot. The conical pendulum ...
A double pendulum is a two-dimensional dynamical system with two degrees of freedom. It consists of one pendulum with another attached to its end. It is a simple ...
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