How to Make a Penny Shiny Again?


There are different methods you can use to a penny look shinny like soaking it in mild acid, and then you dry it up. You may also clean it by rubbing the penny's oxidized layer using a pencil eraser.
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You can use many things like vinegar and salt, or even ketchup. Thanks for using
1. Squirt 1/4 tsp. of regular, mild dishwashing liquid into a 1-gallon bucket. Fill the bucket with water, and then thoroughly mix the solution. 2. Drench a cleaning rag with the
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put them in a glass with a bit of Coca Cola!! leave them for a few hours and they'll be sparkly!
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To clean a penny, you can dip the coin in baking soda, and then drop it in vinegar and let it soak. The longer it soaks, the better. It may not become shiny again ...
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