How to Make a Penny Shiny Again?


There are different methods you can use to a penny look shinny like soaking it in mild acid, and then you dry it up. You may also clean it by rubbing the penny's oxidized layer using a pencil eraser.
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You can use many things like vinegar and salt, or even ketchup. Thanks for using
1. Squirt 1/4 tsp. of regular, mild dishwashing liquid into a 1-gallon bucket. Fill the bucket with water, and then thoroughly mix the solution. 2. Drench a cleaning rag with the
put them in a glass with a bit of Coca Cola!! leave them for a few hours and they'll be sparkly!
You soak it in a mix of baking soda & vinegar. Then you take it out, dry it, and you have a shiny penny!! Don't soak a shiny penny in this though, it will turn a dark brown. Also
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