How to Make a Perfect Star?


To make a perfect star, simply start out by drawing an upside down V. Then, draw a straight line upward toward the left. Next, draw a horizontal line across. Finally, draw a line downward toward the right. It should meet with the original upside down V. Check out this site for tips to make a perfect star.
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You can make a perfect star by using a ruler. Decide how long you want each point, each point is kind of like a triangle. Draw all the points and then design it and cut it out if you would like!
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Drawing a perfect star freehand is just about an impossible feat. You can draw a perfect star if you use a ruler and a protractor. Draw a circle the size you want your star to be
1. Use a ruler and a pencil to draw two straight lines of different lengths (one line longer than the other) Once you have done this, put two dots on the two ends of the shorter line
1 Draw a pentagon as a guide. You can easily draw a pentagon using a template ruler. Ad 2 Connect every other vertex with a straight line. 3 Erase the guides and excess lines and
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