How to Make a Phone Call Unknown?


If you do not know the phone number for the person you are wanting to call you can look it up online, in the phone book or dial 411 for directory assistance.
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1. Open the "Settings" menu on your cell phone and scroll down to "Calls. 2. Press the "Menu" or "Option" button and select "Call Restrictions
What you can do for future unknown calls, is register private number block service from your phone provider so they cannot block their number and call you. Go to your local provider
First of all, if the number is truly unknown, then there is no Caller ID being pushed to the phone, which means there is no area code, etc., for the phone to use in order to display
Use the universal call blocking code, "*67," before placing a call
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One way to block unknown calls from a cell phone is to register your cell phone on the National Do No Call Registry. This will block the unknown calls coming from ...
Unfortunately, there is no way to stop a single unknown name or unknown number from calling you. Your options are limited to signing up for the Do Not Call Registry ...
To identify unknown name and unknown number callers is to subscribe to a caller id. You can call up your phone provider and ask for this added feature. This will ...
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