How to Make a Pickle Costume?


In order to make a pickle costume you will need a tape measure, felt, scissors, felt glue, safety pins and several years of different colored felt and a utility knife. You can find more information here:
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How to Make a Pickle Costume
Food costumes such as ice cream, pizza and hamburgers add a humorous touch to during celebrations or Halloween. The pickle costume is considered a tasty treat that shouldn't be ignored. It can be as entertaining as other food costumes as it is unique --... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
To make a pickle costume you will need a cardboard cylinder, green spray paint, newspaper, glue, string, bicycle helmet and a green skivvy. Start by making paper mache pickle lumps on the cardboard cylinder using the newspaper and glue. Once that is dry spray paint the cylinder green and this will be the base of your pickle. The cylinder will slide over the person and sit under their arms held up by string over their shoulders. Spray paint an old bicycle helmet green and add some lumps or cover it in green paper. Wear a green skivvy and you have a pickle.
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1. Measure the costume wearer's body from head to hip, and add an additional 8 inches to the measurement. 2. Cut four long crescent- or football shapes as long as your measurement
Grow a very large Pickle in your backyard garden, carve out the middle, make a hole for the face and two on the sides for arms. and there you go!
i would use foam and sew it into a shape of a pickle with holes for the head and arms and an opening at the bottom for your legs, then you can spray paint it green. I have done this
a pregnant lady? There's a continuing joke that pregnant women crave pickles and ice cream all the time. or buckwheat from Little Rascals. "I got a pickle I got a pickle hey
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