How to Make a Pictograph?


The first thing to make a pictograph is to draw a graph grid with 4 rows and 2 columns. In the 1st row write apples, the 2nd oranges, the 3rd peaches, and the 4th write pears. Next make up a title for your pictograph and write it above the grid. Then make up a symbol that will represent a specific number of fruit. Below the graph write out a key and complete the pictograph by counting each fruit group at the fruit stand. If there are 10 apples you would write 5 symbols in the right column of the same row as apples and repeat this step for each fruit group. You can find more information here:
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A pictograph is an ideogram that conveys its meaning through its pictorial resemblance to a physical object. Earliest examples of pictographs include ancient or prehistoric drawings
1. Navigate to the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet on your computer, then double click the file to launch it in Microsoft Excel. 2. Drag your mouse from the top left corner of your data
adjective Of or relating to representation by drawings or pictures: graphic, hieroglyphic, illustrative, photographic, pictorial. See see/not see.
Pictographs are rock art painted with pigments made from various minerals.The red pigment is derived from crushed iron oxide. The oxides were thenadded to water, or an organic binder
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How to Make a Pictograph
A pictograph or picture graph is a graph that uses symbols or pictures to show data. A key is included with the pictograph to explain what each picture represents. Learn to illustrate a sample pictograph by creating one for Sammy's Fruit Stand. Sammy... More »
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A pictogram is basically used to convey and to some extent explaining the meaning of presented data or statistical information. It usually takes up the form of ...
You can select the images you want for you pictograph story from Native American pictograph dictionary. Also read a book or two on Native American storytelling ...
Teachers often have examples of pictograph charts on their walls. These charts are used most commonly for helping children to count. One example would a chart ...
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