How to Make a Pine Cone Bird Feeder WITHOUT Peanut Butter?


Soften the lard in the sauce pan over low heat. Add the water, oatmeal, flour & birdseed and mix well. Mixture should come together to a soft pudding texture. Remove from heat. Tie the string around one of the top tiers of the pine cone. Be sure to
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1. Take one pinecone. 2. Spread out an old newspaper for easy clean up. 3. Wrap a string around the top of the pine cone for hanging. 4. Tie a knot. in the string. so it makes a loop
Bird watching Is alot of fun for adults and kid alike. Learn how to make homemade pine cone bird feeders with peanut butter ,a great alternative to buying discount bird feeders.Your
Your project begins with a pine cone. winter pine cone image by Mary Lane from Collect pine cones. Get one for each person participating in the craft. It's best to collect
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1. Mix peanut butter with the regular butter. There are no exact measurements, just estimate about 1 tablespoon of peanut butter plus a half tablespoon of butter ...
Kids love to make pine cone peanut butter bird feeders. This is an easy project. Lay newspaper on a table. Cover pine cone with peanut butter and roll in bird ...
It is not difficult to teach someone how to make pine cone bird feeders. Gather pine cones and then slather them with washable glue or peanut butter. Roll the ...
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