How to Make a Plinko Board?


Plinko is a fun game to play at a party. You can easily make your own Plinko board. To do so you will need a thick pegboard, a cork board, grooved dowel pegs, rubber bands, poker chips, spray paint, craft glue, a hammer and nails. See this site for complete directions for making a Plinko board.
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1. Choose a piece of heavy-duty cardboard for the main board. Appliance boxes are a good option. 2. Measure the diameter of the air hockey puck. This puck will serve as your Plinko
If you know how to make a dart board, you can get a board that fits right in with your rec room. As commercial dart boards are fairly expensive, making your own can be a good option
A Plinko game is a classic game that anybody, regardless of age, can enjoy. It doesn’t require much skill, and so the focus on playing it can be purely on enjoyment. It’
1. Sand the plywood, removing any rough edges or corners. 2. Wipe off any sanding dust with a rag. 3. Paint the top and sides of the board with primer. Allow to dry and paint the
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How to Make Your Own Plinko Board
Of all the games on The Price is Right, Plinko is one of the most popular. A contestant stands at the top of a large board and releases a flat chip onto the board. The chip will fall through the board and land in a slot. The amount of money won depends... More »
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Cut pegboard to the size you want your plinko. Put dowel pins in 13 rows, alternate the rows starting with 10 pegs then skip a row, then 9, skip a row, then 10 again, then 9 etc. Skip every other row and every other peg. Make a shelf to catch the chips. For more information look here:;
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