How to Make a Podium?


Building a podium can be pretty simple if you have a firm grasp on wood working. You will need to measure out the dimensions of the podium, then cut wood and nail, screw or glue it together. For more information see here: ;
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How to Make a Podium
Also known as pulpits and lecterns, podiums were originally used primarily in churches. Until this century, a carpentry project of this scale required considerable practice and skill. Fortunately, modern tools and materials have made it possible for even... More »
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When taking on a project like building your own podium, please take some consideration into it and figure out a guess on how much weight you would like it to be able to carry and
To differenciate between platform and podium. You have the 'platform' - which is an elevated floor, upon which a speaker stands (perhaps the floor is 2 steps up in a small auditorium
1. Cut your podium pieces from ¾-inch cabinet-grade plywood. Cut a piece 18 inches wide from the full 96 inches of a standard sheet. Mark one long edge of this piece 46 inches
Podium is a small platform for the conductor of an orchestra, for a public speaker, etc.
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Glass podiums are used in a variety of settings. Some of these are churches, clubs, or theaters. The glass podium allows for the speaker to stand behind them, ...
You can build a podium out of wood. A decent sized podium only needs one sheet of 3/4' plywood, wood glue, and some various tools to be completed. The front needs ...
A podium is a lifted up stage or a platform that is raised to some metres higher than the surroundings. Podiums are normally used for public performances such ...
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