How to Make a Pop Tab Purse?


To make a pop tab purse you will need to decide on the shape and size of purse you want to make. You will need to collect quite a few pop tabs. You can use yarn to attach them together.
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1. Measure and cut the nylon string into 16 12-inch-long segments and eight 6-inch segments. The string will be used to tie the pop can tabs into strips that will be sewn together
1. Take two lengths of elastic cord (or whatever type of
1. Cut your cereal box to your desired size of purse. You can leave the height as is for a magazine tote-sized purse or cut it down to just a few inches for a short tote-sized purse
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How to Make a Pop-Tab Change Purse
You can teach children the fun that can come from recycling and the new things they can create by introducing them to a pop-tab change purse project. This change purse is easy to make and you may end up wanting to make one for yourself. Make the purse as... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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