How to Make a Popsicle Stick Picture Frame?


To make a picture frame with popsicle sticks, you will need four sticks, glue, and decorations. Place the sticks end to end, and glue them together. Then, use items like glitter, stickers, and paint to decorate.
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1. Glue the sides of two popsicle sticks together. Repeat with the remaining sticks until you have four sets of two popsicle sticks. Allow them to dry before moving onto the next
1. Glue the popsicle sticks together so they look like a square. You can paint it once it's dry unless they are already coloured. Ad. 2. Hold the frame over the photo ar picture that
You can buy a frame larger than the picture. Then get a picture
These are the items needed to make, also decorate the popsicle stick picture frames. The sticks, glue, (Elmer's all purpose glue is best,) laminating paper sheets and poster board
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