How can I make a prism?


A prism is a device that separates white light into its colored components, creating a rainbow effect. To make a prism, choose a day and time when strong sunlight will stream in through the windows in your house. Turn off the lights in your room, and cover any windows. Create a single mall opening in your window covering, and hold up a colorless piece of glass directly in the path of the thin beam of sunlight that comes in through this opening.When the sunlight passes through the glass, you should be able to see a rainbow-like effect on the opposite wall.
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1. Cut a wire hanger with wire cutters just below the twisted metal. Reshape the wire to form a circle and twist the wire shut where the ends meet. Cut off any excess wire with wire
1 Identify the base and height of one of the triangular bases. The triangular bases of the triangular prism will have the same dimensions, so it doesn't matter which triangle you
The similarity between a prism and a pyramid is that they are both Polyhedrons.
Assuming you mean how does a prism split light up or change its direction, this is due to the fact that air and the material the prism is made of have a different composition and
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To make a prism you will need some paper, a ruler, scissos, some double-sided clear tape, some markers, some paint or some colored pencils. You can find more information here:
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