How can I make a prism?


A prism is a device that separates white light into its colored components, creating a rainbow effect. To make a prism, choose a day and time when strong sunlight will stream in through the windows in your house. Turn off the lights in your room, and cover any windows. Create a single mall opening in your window covering, and hold up a colorless piece of glass directly in the path of the thin beam of sunlight that comes in through this opening.When the sunlight passes through the glass, you should be able to see a rainbow-like effect on the opposite wall.
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1. Cut a 12-inch section of wire stock with wire cutters. 2. Bend and shape the wire stock into a loop with your hands and bend each end of the wire into hooks with needle-nose pliers
1 Draw a hexagon. Ad 2 Add vertical lines. For every visible corner, draw a straight vertical line. 3 Finish the base. Connect the end of the vertical lines to finish the prism base
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To make a prism you will need some paper, a ruler, scissos, some double-sided clear tape, some markers, some paint or some colored pencils. You can find more information here:
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