How do you make a private call from your cell?


In most of the western world, making a private call from your cell is quite easy. To make a private call from your cell, with most providers, you simply have to go into your phone's menu settings and choose 'Block number for outgoing calls.' In some cases, you may have to contact your provider to have them change this setting manually.
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1. Install Skype on your computer. You can download the program for free from This software allows PC to PC calls for free, but there are charges if you call cell phones
1 Have a headphone and a small ear bud . The A.C. of the ear bud and have a 2-feet long thin conductor should be able to flow that A.C. 2 Connect the pin of your ear bud into a socket
You can use *67 and if that doesn't work than I have no idea.
To privatize your number before calling someone, dial 141 followed by the number.
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You can make a private call to a cell phone or on a cell phone the same way you would from a land line. If you first dial *67, your number will be blocked. This ...
It can be tough to trace private calls on cell phones. These are the calls received from people or businesses who are actively blocking their number for some reason ...
The way you can block private calls on a cell phone will vary depending on the type of phone and your phone carrier. In most cases, you can block private calls ...
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