How do you make a pulley system?


Make a pulley system using wire, a spool and rope. Attach the rope to the spool, then attach the other end to the object you want to lift. Use a piece of wire to hold the spool end of the rope so you can pull on it to lift the item. You can find more information here:
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A pulley system is used to lift up heavy or large objects. These systems are often seen on construction sites. The pulley system has at least one pulley-sometimes more-and a rope.
A double pulley system is simple. Instead of one wheel like the. single pulley system has, the double pulley system has two. wheels and carries more heavier loads than the single
A pulley system consists of one or more pulleys and a rope or a cable used to lift large
As far as I know the pully systems were used in building the old egyptian pyramids around 5000BC,more over in Europe they believe that the Hedge Stones in England was built using
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Pulley systems are amazing contraptions that make lifting heavy loads much easier. The pulleys should be set in place in a staggered arrangement and then the rope or string snaked through the pulley system.
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To make a pulley system, find out the strength and size of the wheel and cord to use in lifting the object. Proceed to bend the wire into a triangular shape, inserting ...
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A pulley drive system a wheel and belt machine system that is usually used to make work easier by reducing the effort needed to raise a load hence increasing the ...
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