How to Make a Pyramid Cake?


To make a pyramid cake start by baking and cut sheet cake squares. Then stack the sheet cake pieces and arranged them according to size from top. Stick them together by applying a layer of frost. Using a knife shape the cake into a pyramid shape and finally frost the cake.
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How to Make a Pyramid Cake
One of the most fundamental skills required for artisan cake shaping is learning the art of knife carving a layer cake. Forming a pyramid cake from several stacked pieces of sheet cake is a design that's dramatic while still being a relatively easy first... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Challenging
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1. Bake and cut sheet cake squares in graduated sizes. Bake large sheet cakes, then cut into square pieces; one 10 inches by 10 inches, one 8 by 8, one 6 by 6, one 4 by 4, one 2 by
Cake is a dessert.
Chocolate Pyramid Cake recipe: Because the chocolate cakes need to freeze
Bake square cakes of different sizes and stack them. You will have to use supports of some sort in between every 4" of cake.a cake board and dowels, or cake board and bubble
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Make a cake and cut it into a pyramid shape. Now take rolled fondant and press a brick form onto it lightly. Now cut the frosting to the correct shape and press ...
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