How to Make a Rabbit Cage?


To make a rabbit cage, you will need some woven wire, wire cutters, hog rings, hog ring pliers and measuring tape. You will also need a workbench. You can find more information here:
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1. Decide how big a cage your bunny needs to it can freely move around, sleep and play. Look at the list of things so you can estimate or measure how much wood, wire and other roofing
1 Determine where you will put the cage. Will your rabbit live in your home? Will it go indoors or outdoors? What shelter will it have? How many rabbits will go in the cage? Ad 2
It really depends what cage you buy. You can get 2nd handed ones in good condition and quite cheap too. For a 2 story high hutch they cost between £100 to £200. I won't
1. Grasp one end of the wire in the round nose pliers and make a slight bend. Remove the pliers from the wire and change to either the chain nose or flat nose pliers. 2. Twist the
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How to Build a Rabbit Cage
There are several styles of rabbit cages. Wooden cages are good for outdoor use because they provide the rabbit with more protection from the elements and shelter from potential predators. For indoor rabbits, however, a wire cage is ideal. Wire cages are... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
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