How to Make a Resume for a Housewife?


Specifically state you are a housewife first. Then detail your experience! You are after all likely a wearer of many hats and jack of all trades. Detail your office skills, delegating, responsibility for children, your attention to detail, ability to stick to a schedule and get things done, etc. Don't sell yourself short! You certainly have a lot to offer.
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1. Choose a resume template from your word processing program or create your own with 1" page margins and 11-12 point type font. 2. Choose which type of resume best fits your
·. Budgeting - Accountable for the control and disbursement of an annual budget of $59,200. ·. Prioritizing. Established schedules, meet deadlines, and simultaneously
Word has a resume wizzard.
If you are a housewife you have plenty to put on a resume. Think of yourself as a House Manager, Social Manager etc etc and you will start to get the idea. Chances are you probably
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To write a resume for a housewife & mother select a resume pattern from your word processing database. Select type of resume that best fits your skill and ...
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