How to Make a Ribbon Shirt?


Ribbon shirts may be unfamiliar to some people but it is an important shirt that is still being used by some native Americans today. In order to make it, the traditional patern is important. Calico is usually the cloth used to make this shirt. You would have to purchase the cloth so that you will not run out. Follow the pattern and using a sewing machine, sew it all together.
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1. Look on the Internet for ideas for ribbon patterns. Many vendors sell ribbon shirts and their photos can provide ideas for ribbon designs. 2. Buy material. Three yards of forty-five
To make a bow out of ribbon create loops the size you want until the bow is full. Leave enough ribbon for two tails and secure the bow in the middle with floral wire. Fan out the
1. You will want enough ribbon to cover the entire length of your curtain, plus 1 inch extra on the top and bottom. The ribbon will be placed every 2 inches across the width of the
1. Gather a bundle of long lavender stems. Line up the bottom of the buds on each lavender stem with the other stems. The more stems you use, the wider the lavender and ribbon wand
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How to Make a Ribbon Shirt
It has become traditional for Native American men to wear ribbon shirts at important ceremonies. Native American women began making ribbon shirts hundreds of years ago as a way to create beautiful and creative designs. Ribbon shirts are pullover shirts... More »
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The traditional Cherokee Indian clothing varies for men and women. Men for example wear a ribbon shirt which is made from calico fabric. It has a ribbon design ...
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