How to Make a Riddle?


Making a riddle is fun and easy. Before you come up with the riddle you need to come up with the answer. Try and keep it simple and remember the answer has to be obvious that is what makes it a riddle. For more information look here: Here are some good examples of How to Make a Riddle;
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To make a riddle, one must come up with a question or statement that leaves the average mind searching for the answer. A good way to start is by finding two things are very different in origin, but share one or two common characteristics.
To make a riddle, you must first decide a topic. Next, you should choose what you want to write about the topic. Now, write a draft; once that is done, you should try to think of sentences that could have more than on meaning and replace them. Once you have a statement or few sentences (whichever you choose), make sure it describes what you had intended, while not being obvious. Last, share it!
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A riddle is a tricky question - It is usually a statement or a question that has a double meaning and is intended to come across as a puzzle to be solved. Alot of times the answer
1. Choose your topic. Tap into what you like. Write about seashells, seaweed or sea horses if you love the ocean, for instance. 2. Sit back in your chair, close your eyes and visualize
Riddles are kind of like jokes just they make you think more and you are not surprised what the answer is when the answer is told to you.
1 Puzzles are known to challenge ingenuity. While they are a form of entertainment, they can provide tough challenges for the brain, such as mathematical or logistical problems. They
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