How to Make a Riding Lawnmower Go Faster?


In order to make a riding lawnmower go faster, you need to modify the engine. It depends on the model of the engine in question. You can also change the timing on the timing belt.
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1. Remove the housing bolted over the flywheel. Use the proper size wrenches to unscrew the bolts around the perimeter on the housing. 2. Unscrew the bolt at the end of the governor
To make a lawnmower faster you can either increase the rpm of the motor, or change the gear ration of the drive axle. It is probably cheaper to find a way to increase the rpm, but
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How to Make a Riding Lawnmower Go Faster
Many people are interested in making their riding lawn mower go faster for racing purposes or just to get their lawn mowed faster. Riding lawn mower engines have a governor to prevent them from going too fast, but you can remove this. You can also check... More »
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