How to Make a Roll Pillow?


The internet is a good source to learn how to make a roll pillow. There are sites available that teach step-by-step tips for making these pillows. You will be able to find patterns for your project.
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1. Buy a foam form, or you can make one by using a flat foam and rolling it up. Measure your form and cut your material 2 inches longer than your measurement. Measure the ends of
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1. Choose your fabric. Depending on the size of your roll pillow, you will need between about half a yard of fabric. This much fabric will give you a roll pillow ...
You can sew a neck roll pillow just as you would anything else. You can add filler that is soft or firm. Many people would like the filler to be more firm to help ...
1. Turn a pillow case inside out and, using a yardstick or ruler to maintain a straight line, mark a straight line down the center, lengthwise. 2. Pin the pillowcase ...
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