How to Make a Rosary Bracelet?


A rosary bracelet is different in the fact that it contains 11 beads. The traditional rosary contains 59 beads. To make a rosary bracelet you will need beads, eyepins, some pre-cut chainlinks, and some pliers. For more information look here:;
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1. Determine the length of the rosary bracelet and trim the beading wire. Make sure enough is left at the end to tie it off. 2. Attach the male end of the clasp to the beading wire
Normally in a Rosary bracelet you might just find. 11. beads which represent the ten Hail Mary's (1 decade) and 1 bead for an Our Father.
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To make a rosary bracelet, you might want to have a bead board. You should also have normal supplies like beads, a clasp, and possibly memory wire. You can find more info at:
To make a Rosary bracelet, you will need beads, wire, jump rings, chain, a cross, Rosary charm and assorted pliers. You will be creating the loops the will connect your beads to each other and to the jump rings.
Making the rosary bracelet is typically done with either black or white beans with one Hail Mary charm on it. You can thread your beads onto a string and attach a clasp to the end of it.
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