How to Make a Round Bed?


To make a round bed will take creativity. Measure how big you want it. Have a mattress company customize the mattress for you. Have a local carpenter make the round bed frame.
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1. Clear the area free of grass or weeds using a garden hoe or rake. Rake the area until you have a nice flat round area of freshly tilled earth. You can make the circle as big as
The bed is a focal point in your dollhouse bedroom. If you know how to make a dollhouse bed, you can create a bedroom that is completely unique. How to Make a Dollhouse Bed. Buy an
Get the sizes right!! You really don't want to get halfway through this project only to realize you've measured wrong. Start with the plywood. You'll want it to be slightly wider
1. Cut two of the four 2x8x8 pine boards down to 78 inches. Then, cut the remaining two down to 39 inches. Place the two 78 inch boards 39 inches apart and slide the 39 inch boards
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How to Make a Round Bed
Circular beds provide a solution for those looking to break the norms in bedroom furnishings. Not only are these beds just as supportive and comfortable as their standard cousins, they also give your bedroom a light, flowing look. Round beds don't have... More »
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A round bed looks beautiful but difficult to maintain. You will have to sew the beddings for it as they will not be available easily. I can imagine people like me falling from any side of the bed! Just make a simple round bed platform and buy a round mattress and it is ready to use. You can find out more information here:
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