How to Make a Round Bed?


To make a round bed will take creativity. Measure how big you want it. Have a mattress company customize the mattress for you. Have a local carpenter make the round bed frame.
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1. Measure across the bed to determine its diameter. A standard round king size bed is 84 inches, or seven feet, in diameter. Measure the mattress depth and multiply by two. 2. Add
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How to Make a Round Bed
Circular beds provide a solution for those looking to break the norms in bedroom furnishings. Not only are these beds just as supportive and comfortable as their standard cousins, they also give your bedroom a light, flowing look. Round beds don't have... More »
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A round bed looks beautiful but difficult to maintain. You will have to sew the beddings for it as they will not be available easily. I can imagine people like me falling from any side of the bed! Just make a simple round bed platform and buy a round mattress and it is ready to use. You can find out more information here:
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