How to Make a Scanner Antenna?


To make a scanner antenna place the SO-239 in the vise grip on the table male part of the plug pointing upward, sand the copper rod and place small bead of flux to the end of the copper rod then place it inside of the SO-239 pin. Curve the ends of the other copper rods into small circles, connect one copper rod to the four holes in the SO-239 connector and insert the bolts through the circles bent into the copper rods and then into the holes on the SO-239 connector. Hang the antenna from an upper outdoor part of your house with string or wire.
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1. Place the SO-239 in the vise grips on the table male part of the plug pointing upward. 2. Sand 1 inch of one end of a copper rod with the fine sandpaper. Roughening the surface
You don't.
If you're wondering how to make a WiFi antenna, all you need to do is turn to a few household items. A homemade WiFi antenna can increase your home wireless LAN range or your computer's
1. Cut the speaker wire into a 20-foot length, using the small wire cutters. 2. Leave one end of the wire free. Use the wire cutters to strip off 1 inch of insulation from the speaker
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How to Make a Scanner Antenna
A scanner antenna can be made at home with materials you may already have. Making one yourself also can help you learn more about how a scanner works. Listening in on police, weather, or firefighter frequencies is a hobby for many people and having an... More »
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