How to create a scatter plot graph?


1. Enter column headers in row 1. Put the variable that you want on the X axis in cell A1, and the variable you want on the Y axis in cell B2. For example, if you are making a scatter plot of height and weight, enter "Height" in A1 and "Weight" in B1
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Scatter plots are similar to line graphs in that they start with mapping quantitative
Bar graph.
1. Open a browser and direct it to the "Create A Graph" page of the website for the National Center For Education Statistics (see Resources) 2. Click the box with the words
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You could make a scatter plot on paper, you would have to draw your axis lines to able to mark your coordinates (your scatter marks) on the area of the paper. ...
1. Turn on your graphing calculator. You will find yourself in the home screen. 2. Press the "Stat" button and hit "Enter." If points already ...
A scatter plot is a kind of graph. To make a scatter plot, you must highlight the points on the x, y coordinate plane that occurs in the function to be plotted ...
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