How do you make a scout woggle?


A traditional woggle is made from one long strip of leather woven together into a Turk’s Head knot. Detailed instructions of how to make a Scout knot can be found at
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1 Cut a 20 centimeter (7.9 in) length of birch. Ad 2 Split your piece of birch in half so you have two woggles that are about the same length and width. 3 Form your piece of birch
There are loads of ways to make a woggle. You can use a material such as bone, or wood, or soapstone even to carve a slider for your necker.
1. Cut about 5 feet of ¼-inch diameter twisted cord. This may seem a lot of cord for a little woggle, but the weave you'll be using eats up cord very quickly. 2. Hold both
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