How do you make a scout woggle?


A traditional woggle is made from one long strip of leather woven together into a Turk’s Head knot. Detailed instructions of how to make a Scout knot can be found at
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1. Cut a 20 centimeter length of birch. Ad. 2. Split your piece of birch in half so you have two woggles that are about the same length and width. 3. Form your piece of birch into
There are loads of ways to make a woggle. You can use a material such as bone, or wood, or soapstone even to carve a slider for your necker.
1. Cut about 5 feet of ¼-inch diameter twisted cord. This may seem a lot of cord for a little woggle, but the weave you'll be using eats up cord very quickly. 2. Hold both
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