How to Make a Scratching Post?


You need to get a round cardboard tube and a piece of wood, cut a whole in the wood the same size as the tube. Put sand in the bottom of the tube and then put it in the whole you made in the wood. Take a piece of carpet and wrap it around the tube. Use some small nails such as finish nails to hold the tube into the wood. Glue the carpet to the tube and use a few nails to hold it in place.
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How to Build Your Own Scratching Post
If your cat is shredding the couch, it may need a scratching post to save its claws and your sanity. Cats like to stretch to their full heights when scratching, so if you've had trouble getting your cat to use a scratching post in the past, the problem... More »
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You can make a simple cat scratching post with a some wood and carpet. Take a short piece of four inch by four inch board and wrap a piece of carpet around it. Use hot melt glue to
1. Stand the cedar post on a flat surface, such as a floor. Wipe it off with the cloth to remove dust and other residue. 2. Wind sisal rope around the top edge of the post, and nail
1 Decide on the measurements of the post before beginning. The post must be stable, for if it tips easily, kitty may find it unsuitable for continued use. By way of example, the model
A cat scratch post can be used by cat owners to get the feline to stop scratching furniture. It also makes the cats claws duller and less of a weapon.
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To build a cat scratch post you will need some wood, carpet, nails and glue. You can build the post either flat that will lie on the ground or hang on the wall ...
Just grab some scrap wood from a construction site, and buy carpet remnants for 50 cents a piece to have the materials you need. Nail your wood together in interesting ...
Making a cat scratching post is relatively easy and cheap. To do this, simply cut a two by four down to about 3 feet. Then, wrap the board in rope and hang it ...
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