How to Make a Seismograph?


In order to make a seismograph it is best to make a blueprint of how you want it to look before you start building. Different sizes of nails, masking tape and wood are some supplies needed in order to make the seismograph. You can find more information here:
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Earthquakes generate seismic waves which can be detected with a sensitive instrument called a seismograph . Advances in seismograph technology have increased our understanding of
1. Remove the lid from the shoebox. 2. Cut a 4-inch horizontal slit in the long edge of the shoebox, near the bottom. Use the ruler to make sure the slit is straight. Cut another
Seismograph is a noun meaning an apparatus to measure and record vibrations within the earth
A seismograph records earthquake waves. When an earthquake occurs, three types of waves are generated. The first two, the P and S waves, are propagated within the Earth, while the
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How to Make a Seismograph
Experience an earthquake first hand and you will have a new understanding and appreciation for the awesome power lurking beneath the earth's surface. Instruments that allow you to visualize the tectonic movements beneath your feet can be an asset as well... More »
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To make a seismograph for kids you will need some plywood, some weights, hanging wire, wood dowels, machine paper, a small basket, nails an ink pen and building ...
A seismograph is an instrument used to measure and make a record of any occurring vibrations in the earth's crust. These might be earthquakes, tremors or aftershocks ...
When building your own seismograph you first need to gather up materials such as different sizes of wood, wire, brick, rounded screws and pens. You can find more ...
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