How to Make a Shark Costume?


A shark costume can be purchased at plenty of costume stores for Halloween. A shark costume can be made at home by wearing all gray clothing and a shark hat.
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1. Determine the amount of fabric required by measuring the desired length and width. Remember to allow for other clothing that will be worn under the costume. 2. Draw out a large
Go to the nearest Fabric Store-the people who work there are Great. They all sew too. Always helpful, you will be directed to everything you will need in one area, inexpensive, have
The website that you can find it at is:
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To make a shark costume, find some sort of vinyl or synthetic, plastic-like material that is quite pliable. Create a template for the shark head, draw on eyes and teeth. Don't forget to cut out a cardboard shark fin either!
The way you make a shark costume depends on the kind of shark you want to make. You can do it as simply as gluing white felt 'teeth' to the hood of a grey sweatsuit, or you can go a little more complex and sew one using grey material.
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A shark fin costume can easily be made at home. A shark fin is a basic shape, and making one that's attachable as a costume piece is relatively simple, but it's ...
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