How to Make a Shark Costume?


A shark costume can be purchased at plenty of costume stores for Halloween. A shark costume can be made at home by wearing all gray clothing and a shark hat.
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1. Find or purchase a gray hooded sweatshirt and a pair of blue or gray pants. These will form the basic building blocks of the shark costume. Be sure these are not clothing pieces
You can make a witch costume with just a few simple items. First get a long black wig and streak the hair with baby powder. Now you need a pointed witches hat and a long back dress.
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Go to the nearest Fabric Store-the people who work there are Great. They all sew too. Always helpful, you will be directed to everything you will need in one area, inexpensive, have
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To make a shark costume, find some sort of vinyl or synthetic, plastic-like material that is quite pliable. Create a template for the shark head, draw on eyes and teeth. Don't forget to cut out a cardboard shark fin either!
The way you make a shark costume depends on the kind of shark you want to make. You can do it as simply as gluing white felt 'teeth' to the hood of a grey sweatsuit, or you can go a little more complex and sew one using grey material.
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A shark fin costume can easily be made at home. A shark fin is a basic shape, and making one that's attachable as a costume piece is relatively simple, but it's ...
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