How to Make a Shepherds Costume?


To make a shepherd costume, cut a slit all the way down the center front of an old adult t-shirt. Let a child put on the t-shirt like a robe and overlap the two sides of the front. Tie a section of rope around the child's waist. Place the elastic headband over the child's forehead and around the back of the head to hold the towel or fabric in place, after you have position a small towel or piece of fabric on the child's head so that the end of the towel faintly covers the child's forehead while the rest hangs down the back.
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1. Lay a twin bed sheet on a flat surface. Measure the length of the sheet and divide it in half to locate the center. Mark it with a felt pen. 2. Cut a 6-inch diameter circle in
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Are you working on a Christmas play or preparing on a Bible skit? Are you thinking of dressing some toddlers to perform as shepherds in any of those presentations? Well, your idea
About a funny costume. a pikachu, criminal, a fish, a bat, vampire, a clown, pumpkin.
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A simple shepherd's costume can be made without a pattern. Fold a rectangular piece of fleece in half, wrong side out. Cut a T-shaped hole in the center of the ...
There are many ways to make homemade Halloween costumes. To make a shepherd's costume, use an old bathrobe to as an over-robe. Place a rope around a bath towel ...
1. Find a plain cotton nightgown in a neutral color that is ankle-length on your child. A long sleeve nightgown will look more authentic and help keep your child ...
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