How to Make a Shoulder Holster?


Get a pair of suspenders with four hooks with teeth and sew two identical little bags 5-7 inches long side by side. Turn them upside down and attach them to one side of your suspenders. Put a thick fabric around the finger guard and barrel of your gun and mark the shape. Sew it together and attach a clip to your holster to join to your suspenders. Use your fingers to pull the material and clip the holster on the front and back of the suspenders. Tighten the suspenders and adjust the clips before putting it on.
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The only materials you will need for a shoulder holster are suspenders, with four hooks, with teeth. Next you have to sew two 5 inch bags together, side by side.
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1. Select the proper shoulder holster for your body and the type of gun that it will hold. The shoulder holster that you choose should be as small and light as possible. The more
1 Put your empty weapon in the holster. Put the magazines in the magazine carrier, if you have one. If your shoulder holster is designed to carry 2 firearms, put both in the holster
Shoulder holsters are used for holding a gun or weapon. One wears the straps around the shoulders leaving the weapon conveniently tucked under one's arm by the waist.
n. A leather holster hung from the shoulder and usually worn underneath the arm, allowing a handgun to be concealed underneath a coat.
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To make your own shoulder gun holster, make a drawing of a holster. Then, cut a leather sheet on which you will locate the position of the gun. Stick the pieces ...
1. Place your unloaded pistol in the holster and loaded magazines in the magazine carriers. This will help to balance the shoulder holster rig while you are making ...
In order to put on a shoulder holster, start by placing the gun and clips in the holster. Pull the holster over the shoulders, arranging it so that the gun sits ...
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