How to Make a Silencer?


To make a silencer you will need 1 6-14 300si plastic pvc pipe,10-15 rubber or medium hardness plastic discs,11-16 soft wood washers,1 rubber cylinder,5 rubber discs,6 tall wooden plain washers,2 steel plugs,1 heat and pressure dispersement rod with black positioning rings,2 stabiliser donuts,4 separator discs,1 adapter. The discs and inserted materials should be under 1 1/2 diameter. Drill holes 1/4 from each end on the heat rod leaving 1/4 inch gap between holes. Put a wooden donut at each end, wrap it in aluminium screen and screw the rod into wood placing this part first into the tube. Place a steel plug into the tube with the rounded end facing the exit hole and the adapter into the tube followed by stabiliser donuts. Ensure there is a separate disc between each stage and drill holes into the tube about halfway and place small screws in place. Cut a small angle into the adaptor for the sight of the gun with a small pvc pipe in the front end and the heat dispersement chamber next to the separator disc near the adaptor. At the top place a wooden washer, plastic disc,washer,disc 12-15 discs and 13-16 wooden washers in total and end with a separator.Insert two rubber discs and a tall wooden washer, 2 discs,a washer and a separator.The 1/2 thick rubber cylinder should be in place with a steel plug riveted with the rounded end facing outwards. Use a wooden dowel to check if the firearm silencer is lined up with the barrel hole.
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A silencer is a device attached to the barrel of a gun, either part of the integral design or as an after-market addition. The purpose of this device is to quiet the sound of the
First step is Drilling holes in the sides of the heat and pressure dispersement rod. Glue a wooden doughnut to each end, making sure the hole through the centre is completely clear.
Silence is the absence of noise.
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How to Make a Silencer
Silencers are used to suppress the explosive sound that results when a projectile is fired from a gun. Using supplies found in most households, along with some common tools, you could make a silencer using a straightforward procedure that requires no... More »
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A silencer is a suppressor that goes on the end of a firearm barrel. Firing a gun with a silencer that's too small for it can cause a potentially fatal explosion. Basically, there are 3 ways suppressers are made. Either with baffles, screen, or a combination of the two. You could also use a newspaper, a 2 litre bottle of soda, and some electrical tape and your rifle.
To make a BB gun silencer you first determine the highlighter to ensure that the nozzle will fit in the barrel of the BB gun. Next you take away the interior of the highlighter. File the pointed end of the marker until it fits tightly within the end of the BB gun barrel. Finally fold duct tape around the joint created between the gun barrel and the highlighter.
To make your won silencer you will need to know how to suppress the noise. You can take a metal tube, rubber and wood disks and assemble them to muffle the sound.
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Making a silencer is in principal the same for any caliber of weapon. Silencers are illegal to possess in the US without a proper Federal Tax stamp. If you build ...
You can make a silencer for a 22 rifle in no time. You can use some paper, electrical tape and an empty 2 liter bottle. Stuff the bottle with paper and then tape ...
Making a silencer is not difficult. However, this is against the law. They work in the same way as a muffler that is fitted to a car engine to kill the noise. ...
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