How To Make a Simple Bulb Thermometer?


Learn how to make a bulb thermometer out of simple household items.
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Dry bulb temperature is typically called "air temperature. The temperature is read off a normal thermometer, and the water content of the air does not affect its reading. It
( ¦drī ′bəlb thər′mäm·əd·ər ) (engineering) An ordinary thermometer, especially one with an unmoistened bulb; not dependent
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A wet bulb thermometer is an instrument which is traditionally used to measure humidity. This unit is made of two glass thermometers which are simple to read; ...
The common thermometer for measuring body heat and outside temperatures are dry bulb thermometers. The wet bulb thermometer is modified with a wet cloth at the ...
1. Punch a hole through the cap of the plastic bottle with the sturdy sharp object as close as possible to the diameter of the straw. Cut or break off a piece ...
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