How to Make a Simple Circuit Board?


When making a simple circuit board you will need some metal mounting posts, fiberglass card, two capacitors are just some of the things you will need. For more information look here: Here's some information on making a simple circuit board;
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Making a circuit board is not as difficult as it may look at first. You print out and transfer a pattern. You have to etch the board, then drill the board for components and solder them in place. Even this may seem like a lot of trouble if you have only... More »
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To make a simple circuit board, you'll need 2 'D' cells, three pieces of aluminum foil (cut into 6 inch strips by 1/4 inch wide), two standard flashlight bulbs, and a roll of cellophane tape. Using the battery, tape a strip of the foil to the positive (+) end and the other strip to the negative (-) end. Using the free end of the strip that is placed on the positive (+) end, touch it to the metal side of the bulb, just below the glass. Using the free end of the strip that is placed on the negative (-) end, touch it to the silver tip located on the bottom of the bulb. If it's working, the bulb should now light up.
A circuit board is simply a piece of material upon which electronic components are mounted and connected together so making one is relatively simple. The board has to be a non conductive piece of material that is also resistant to heat as many electrical components can produce heat as a by product. Mount the components and connect them with wires and there you go. Bear in mind that the circuit board I am describing has wires that connect the various components (you pick the components and purpose). If the board you are wanting has the silver paths that act as wires between components you are wanting an integrated circuit board which may be available at radio and electronic supply stores.
To make a simple circuit board, punch two rows of holes into a file folder. Inside the folder, foil should be placed to connect two of the dots. Insulate the foil with masking tape to finish making your simple circuit board.
In creating a simple circuit board, a copper clad may be used. The design of the circuit is to be printed on the copper clad for etching. After etching, the copper that will be left is the intended only for the electrical connection of the components.
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