How to Make a Simple Pulley?


You can make a simple pulley with things you have at home such as, string, a small food box, railing, some scissors, a hallway to assemble it, and some tape.
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1. Get an old wheel from a bicycle. 2. Remove the tire from the wheel. 3. Bend a coat hanger into a U shape that extends from the axle on one side of the wheel, around the outside
a pulley is not a complex machine. it is a small wheel with a groove around it. a rope is passed over it to pull the load easily. so it is a simple machine.
It's essentially a wheel with a grooved rim in which a pulled
a pulley is a simple machine because it uses grooved wheel and a rope to raise loads and makes life easier.
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Pulleys are simple mechanisms used everywhere from window shades to construction sites to make our lives easier. Before people had motorized machines to pump underground water, they used buckets and pulleys to lift water from wells. Build your own... More »
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Many people use a pulley system to lift heavy items. To make your own pulley system all you need to do is get a tire from a bike and make a wire coat hanger into ...
Levers and pulleys are simple machines that make work easier by improving mechanical benefit, meaning that they decrease the effort needed to perform a task. Here ...
You can make a simple machine like a wheel or a pulley by buying the parts needed at a hardware store. You will need metal parts, rollers, or rope, depending on ...
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